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Student Of The Month - Desautels Accounting Society

 Interviewer:  Monica Guo & Jimmy Lin | Editor: Maria Panitz

Speaks four languages fluently.

Works 25 hours per week while going to school and maintaining good social relations with his family and peers.

Driven by a work ethic focused on networking and perseverance.

Eran is known for being a charismatic Accounting major who recently received an internship offer from one of the top Accounting firms.

The student, the planner, the achiever: Eran Stysis is a second year accounting student who is Russian but raised in Canada. He came to McGill University after two years of CEGEP. His active involvement in school and his work experiences, ranging from being a basketball coach to being ranked among top 30 banks teller in the province, indicate that he is no stranger to multitasking— a quality that also manifests in his interest in Accounting.

Like most of the Freshman at McGill, Eran went into pre-recruitment in the hopes of getting an accounting internship for the next summer. After 4 interviews during pre-recruitment, Eran was declined by every firm he applied to. Yet, with a mindset towards self-improvement and success, he was able to quickly identify the root of the problem and decided on improving his resume while working full time as a service representative and getting his mutual funds license last summer. Notably, during the fall recruitment at the beginning of this semester, Eran was working over 18 hours per week and attending the recruitment sessions while tutoring in financial accounting classes.

After discussing his goals and motivations, one can’t help but to see Eran as an ambitious young man who understands the value of hard work and commitment. In his personal life, Eran is committed to spending time with his family and friends, while giving of his time to the community by assuming the role of mentor to kids involved in sports and academics alike. Professionally, Eran’s success can only be attributed to his ever-present go-getter attitude: not taking no for an answer and constantly setting new goals for himself. For Eran, it is clear that to achieve these goals, he must create opportunities for himself by relying on his capacities and acquiring new skills to advance in the path he has chosen.


DAS: What advice would you give for balancing between school, work and social life?

ERAN: “Working 25 hours per week, I found the most important thing is to disconnect between work and social life”.

Among these outlets, every Saturday night, Eran prioritizes his visits to his grandmother’s house to relax with his loved ones. When is not spending time with his family, Eran also finds a way to disconnect from the world in the simple pleasures of swimming and, like most of us, hanging out with his friends and watching hockey.

DAS: Do you have any Recruitment advice for your peers?

ERAN: “I would recommend people to start early spring. I definitively think all first year should try to get into pre-recruitment. Because regardless [of] what happens, after you get denied [from] four firms [, you] will be able to take a step back and see how can you improve”.

Indeed, Eran has proved his philosophy of self-improvement to be effective as, both in his recruitment and professional experiences, encountering refusals pushed him to revise and

redirect his focus and identify concrete ways to grow— be that by reworking his CV, becoming a mentor to his juniors or increasing his exposure at the bank— only to come back stronger and stand out from the rest.

DAS: What would you say are good strategies to “stand-out” from the myriad of applicants that attend recruitment events?

ERAN: “Some people do it by wearing funky clothes, having funny conversations with the recruiter, but what I was doing to get that offer, is [that] after each recruitment/cocktail/networking event, I would email every single one of the people and I would reference unique things that we discussed […] to make it unique, make it personalized”.

Proving once more that his strength is self-actualization, Eran’s approach to standing out focuses on representing himself as a candidate who is memorable because he demonstrates who he is a person: driven, resourceful and industrious.

DAS: How did you made the decision to choose accounting as your major?

ERAN: “Accounting provides the opportunity to be challenged and to challenge not only your supervisor, but also your peer. It is a team-based job”.

To Eran, accounting provides the framework to continue developing his professional ambitions by further applying the strategies of innovation and engagement which have taken him to where he is today.


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